HDPE Inner Sleeve prototypes update

Mike writes: "I'm very close to moving from prototypes to production on my new inner sleeves. The first production release will be for a 12 inch integrated flap. It will be made in Canada using the highest level of anti static additive and only virgin resin and will either be made of thick 3 or 4 mil material.

Integrated flap

So I hate dust, because I hate cleaning my records, at least having to do it often. So when I looked at the sources of dust, there is a few primary sources....1) the record album jacket and 2) the inner sleeves and 3) exposure to the atmosphere. So how can I eliminate those sources? Obviously the dual pocket sleeve takes care of item 1 and using non-paper base inner sleeves would take care of item 2. Unfortunately most inner sleeves are open to the atmosphere (item 3) and I didn't want dust getting inside of the sleeve or part of the record to slide out when inside of the outer sleeve. When I looked at putting a flap as part of the inner sleeve, I wanted to avoid the potential of my fingers touching the record, which naturally lead me to making the flap permanently attached to the inner sleeve. So now I could simply slide the record in and out of the sleeve and easily overlap the flap to "encase" the record!