New Walker Audio Quantum Super Silver contact treatment

Walker Audio writes. "More than 15 years ago, we introduced SST: Super Silver Treatment for contacts that became our widely-praised E-SST: Extreme Super Silver Treatment. We heard story after story about the massive improvement that this contact treatment made in countless systems around the world. A reviewer referred to it as “an equipment upgrade in a jar”! No faint praise there! We didn't think it possible to improve on this classic and for many years we were right."

"But "What if…?” has been a driving force behind many of our groundbreaking products. This time it took technological advances that would have been unbelievable 15 years ago to provide the next step in the development of our contact treatment. We started investigating nanoparticles with high conductivity after reading about them in scientific journals. We experimented with a variety of materials, particle sizes, and ratios. We tested and tested and tested. We listened and listened and listened. And, finally, we nailed it. In fact, we believe this is the single greatest improvement you can make to your system!

INTRODUCING QUANTUM SILVER CONTACT TREATMENT with Nanocrystal Technology for Audio and Video Systems

It took us more than six months of testing with different formulations to get this right. I was continually astonished by what was possible and am in awe of what we've discovered. Quantum Silver Contact Treatment works at the level of individual atoms and molecules to streamline the flow of electrons in the electrical signal passing through your system. Where most contact treatments merely clean or lubricate a connection, Quantum Silver provides a pathway for the electrical signal to travel that is pristine down to the atomic level. 

You can treat all of your connections: interconnects, power cords, tubes, fuses, wires, B&C connectors, etc. We are excited about this new contact treatment. I recently treated a friend's system top-to-bottom, every connection. And with each connection that was treated, we heard improvement. After getting all the connections done, we listened late into the night. So be careful, you might end up losing some sleep too. Call us with your questions, we’ll be happy to help you get amazing results with Quantum Silver contact treatment in your system.

We believe this may be the most cost-effective, dramatic improvement you can make in your system. We're not kidding. It's that good!"