Nordost & Raidho co-operation

Raidho writes: “We are proud to announce our new collaboration with the acclaimed manufacturer of some of the finest cables in the world – NORDOST. All our new Raidho TD series will be shipped with internal wiring from Nordost based on the Norse-Line, meaning the wiring is done with technology from Nordost Valhalla cables.

LIf end-user want to step up the performance, it will be possible to upgrade the Raidho TD series by using the Nordost Odin reference cables as internal wiring.

At the same time, we are happy to announce the possibility of upgrading Raidho C series &  Raidho XT series with the Nordost Norse-line cable as internal wiring.”

On the photo the all new Raidho TD3.8 with Nordost cables...