Voss Audio V/ONE1 Reference Line preamplifier!

Updates from Voss Audio. Here is the official info about their ($49,995)  V/ONE1  Reference Line preamplifier... "The line preamplifier is the nerve center of an audio system. Its quality defines the performance level of the amplifier and loudspeakers downstream. The V/ONE1 Reference Line-Preamplifier provides 20 db of voltage gain which makes it compatible with any source. The ultra-low output impedance of less than 1 ohm ensures interconnect drive capability with no loss of dynamic range even with very long runs."

Advanced battery operation ensures zero added hum and noise for an absolutely jet black quiet background, stunning tonal purity, unmatched dynamic contrasts and harmonic information rendering, and ultimately furthering our design goal of having the greatest signal transparency in the industry.

An ideal line-stage would exhibit no sonic coloration or contribution to the input signal.  The VOSS AUDIO technology design process accomplishes the ultimate expression of this by distilling every design parameter relevant to maintaining perfect signal linearity, in which the square-wave function tests corroborated by extensive listening evaluation sessions (the defining arbiter), resulting in our lofty, and accomplished design goals. A line-stage must be like a high-performance sports car (Koenigsegg), the input signal is the driver and the line-stage the car. As a high performance machine, it must respond instantaneously to the commands of the driver. This requires the componentry of the (car) line-stage to be very fast and have outstanding transient (throttle) response. Starting and stopping on a dime. The square-wave function accuracy of our line stage defines this capability, and can be evaluated by visual inspection alone. Any deviation in graph symmetry represents IMD, also known as Transient Distortion. (or “complex transients” distortion). This design criterion is much more demanding (than the industry standard of steady-state sine-wave evaluation) and requires an entirely new design approach to successfully implement.

All other manufacturers use harmonic distortion analysis with a single frequency to evaluate linearity. This is the exact equivalent to evaluating a sports car's performance by driving in a straight line at a constant speed, totally inadequate! Hence conventional designers have to hunt and peck to get slight incremental improvements leading to endless marginal upgrades to get to their “latest and best”. Our innovative design approach implemented from these advanced computer linearity modeling techniques is obsolescence proof; In that it hits the mark of Total (and dare we say perfect) Dynamic Linearity, Creating a Level of Transparency for all of our Flagship Products, that is quickly becoming The New Industry Standard.       

  • Voltage Gain: 20db                        
  • Input Impedance: 47K
  • Dynamic Range: >115db                      
  • Output Impedance: <1 li="" ohm="">
  • Signal to noise ratio: >110db                     
  • Single ended: 4 inputs, 1 output
  • Inter-Modulation Distortion <.0001
  • Solid 101 Copper / Carbon Fiber Chassis
  • Modified Silver WBT rca's floated on CF plates
  • High Capacity Lithium Polymer Battery Powered
Price: $49,995 US