Voss Audio The V/ONE1 Virtuoso Reference phonostage!

And more igniting and inspiring news from Voss Audio. The Voss Audio The ($39,995) V/ONE1 Virtuoso Reference phonostage!

"Since the adherence to the RIAA curve defines phonostage accuracy, the V/ONE1 REFERENCE PHONOSTAGE employs .01% accuracy custom manufactured components in conjunction with advanced computer modeling to precisely calculate those values. The resultant circuit implementation has an RIAA equalization accuracy of .03%, and working with the proprietary VOSS Ultra-Class Dynamic Transient Linearization Networks an unhindered sense of power and purity, as though the signal is being fed directly from the original performance, is revealed. LP playback will have unprecedented quietness, dynamics, harmonic definition and purity with absolute zero added coloration. 28db of overload margin ensures wide dynamic range stability with zero possible compression."

Output impedance of less than 1 ohm ensures the safe use of long interconnect runs, while keeping impedance compatibility with any interface component.

The V/ONE1 REFERENCE PHONOSTAGE is a “VIRTUOSO” Masterwork of innovation, engineering and execution, and provides the world of extreme reference audio a New Ultra-Reference Class phonostage and (dare we say),
New ‘Best of the Best’.

  • Voltage Gain: 40db            
  • Dynamic Range:  more than 110db     
  • Output impedance: 1 ohm
  • Input impedance: 47k ohm             
  • Signal to noise ratio: more than 108db
  • RIAA Equalization Accuracy:  lest than .03%             
  • Inter Modulation Distortion: less than .0001%
  • Solid 101 Copper / Carbon Fiber Chassis
  • Modified Silver WBT rca's floated on CF plates
  • High Capacity Lithium Polymer Battery Powered​

Price: $39,995 US

The NEW VOSS AUDIO Ultimate Performance Audio Amplification Components represent a significant advance in music / sound reproduction. The development of our new VOSS LOGIC Circuit Technology creates a NEW ULTRA-REFERENCE CLASS of products that redefine the ‘tangible’ sonic attributes of Naturalness, Transparency, Dynamic Accuracy, Clarity, Articulation, Smoothness, Liquidity and Openness, with Full Scale Recording Dimensionality and Depth of Soundstage. And creating for your consideration, a NEW benchmark for those seeking
The Ultimate, Immersive, Musical Experience.


"An audio signal containing musical information is highly complex and requires that any amplifier processing it must have outstanding linearity in both time and frequency domain. Our circuit design criteria takes into account the complete operating parameters of every individual electrical function and that every part is specifically evaluated with respect to its ability to perform flawlessly under full output with no linearity deviations. As signal linearity (precision) is the key to wide bandwidth and full harmonic reproductive capacity, a new level of measurement accuracy and measuring techniques were adopted using new models and simulation software. This design approach goes beyond (the industry standard) evaluating signal linearity at the output, but instead redefines the design process to include evaluating and measuring the total dynamic linearity of each and every component of all stages in the entire design. The signal test that best defines Total Dynamic Linearity performance is the square wave function measurement. Square wave function defines every performance parameter of a system under real world conditions since it contains the full spectrum of harmonics (2nd 3rd and 4th order) which create dense natural tonal colors, placement of instruments and sounds within a deeper and wider soundstage among many other attributes and changes value instantaneously. Hence when measuring each component for total dynamic linearity, each and every component part’s performance is determined and used to calibrate the square wave performance in real time at numerous points within each amplifier stage, and simply means that all non-linearities affecting sound quality do not develop, creating a true Super-Linear signal transfer leaving the signal practically unaffected by the processing itself. Holy Grail? Maybe, you decide."
"And because of these advanced processing techniques, our amplifier products pass-through more harmonic information, provide greater micro and macro dynamics with increased clarity and smoothness, larger scale (more natural depth and width) presentation, while providing inherently less listener fatigue than any other amplifier products made, moving you one step closer to recreating the true human emotions, from which all your favorite recordings originate. Each one of our new break-through class of ultra-pure, fully discrete, 100% analog (no digital processing of any kind) audio amplification components will convincingly transform any stereo listening environment."