Albedo Silver Cables BFA pure silver mono crystalline plugs

More insights about the Albedo Silver Cables BFA pure silver mono crystalline plugs. They were designed from the ground up to create the  monocrystal track from start to end with Albedo Silver Cables' monocrystal silver cables...

"First of all what matters in every connection is a contact surface, which is theoretically the same as connectors are standardised, but do they really touch the inner side of the post with the same pressure? Not at all. The springing property of the metal is responsible for that full touch of course as pressurising raises the tightness of the contact inside of the connection making it more or less firm, and as a result, improving conductivity. So, finally - it is a friction force which holds in the plug and secures the contact. The higher it is the tighter is the touch and more power have to be put into the action to force disconnection.

As you can see then we are 100% confident that we got it into the lead position on the market. Additionally, we mastered the quality of our Monocrystal Silver already allowing it to achieve unmatched parameters in both: Conductance and Resistance departments, which makes that connector a Triple Winner.

In the picture, you can see the raw material, we are using, which is a granulate of pure Ag, ready banana plugs after processing and the pure Monocrystal Silver ribbon with the holes mirroring the shape of the unrolled plug, left by the punch tool. Just to let you know, they are not yet finished. The final process is mirror polishing which additionally will harden the surface and make it silky smooth for further contact improvement and increased spring action :)."