Bassocontinuo Ultimate line high-end audio racks

Bassocontinuo flagship line, the Ultimate is the only rack in the world developed in cooperation with an independent research institute and Politecnico University in Milano. Here are the insights...


ANTEO, GOLIA, GARGANTUA: like the giants.

A full range of products which is the upmost expression of Italian  craftsmanship. A unique project to guarantee the best performances on the market. A mix of materials selected to enhance the luxury perception.

  • An empowered metal surface: extremely matt, soft touch, anti-fingerprint and with a resistance to superficial micro scratches. 
  • Red dot award product design 2019.
  • Three different finishes: steel, silver and gold.
  • This tray is floating on rubber-like material to decouple your sources from the structure. 


The shelves are made by Valchromat®: also known as "HDF+", is 35% more rigid and 20% heavier than a standard HDF thanks to a different compression rate between glue and wooden fibers. In other words: more mass in less volume.

The last generation is dry pre-pigmented so it doesn't need any painting process. Just a very thin transparent layer protect the material from UV rays.


An 11,5 kg tuned mass damper was applied under top shelf. It helps to reduce the vibrations generated by turntables and CD player engines and optimize the response to the resonance frequencies.


A massive rack needs massive adjustable spikes. Each one weight more than 2 kg, is made by solid stainless steel and the terminal point is made by DELRIN®. Each rack includes giant disks provided with rubber-like material for a perfect decoupling by the floor.


One step more to reach the perfection: usually this class of products are already assembled and it's not possible to modify the structure. All the ULTIMATE LINE is instead completely modular as our standard. The 60mm cylinders are supplied in two heights (15 and 7,5 cm): all the height combinations between them are possible.


Static and modal analisys were made to exactly understand what's happened to the rack when excited by the music. Just two numbers: bottom shelf has more than 1.000 kg of breaking point and the peak of resonance frequency is at 23 Hz!