B.M.C Audio MCCI Signature ULN (Ultra Low Noise) phono preamplifier

"B.M.C Audio MCCI Signature ULN (Ultra Low Noise) is latest phono preamplifier version with unmatched signal-to-noise ratio. The B.M.C. MCCI Signature ULN is a balanced, passively equalized moving coil (MC) preamplifier lacking negative feedback. It features natural distortion-free and Load-Effect Free single-ended Class A output and a Current Injection input, which optimally reads the signal current of the moving coil cartridge."

When amplifying a signal from an MC type cartridge, the interaction between the MC cartridge and the input is a critical element, due to the very small MC signal output and its electromechanical characteristic. Let us compare the traditional voltage input with the CI current input in terms of signal strength, damping, and amplification:

ULN Advantage:

Already the predecessors of the MCCI Signature ULN were considered to deliver a very low noise floor and, according to the German Stereo, even “close to the laboratory record”. On top of that the new ULN version delivers another dramatic improvement in noise. This is important because it represents the main disadvantage of MC cartridges, which is now completely eliminated since only the remaining noise of the empty groove represents the limit of silence.

Amplifier Circuit

1. Balanced Current Injection input.
2. Common base circuit for highest bandwidth.
3. “Automatic” gain adjustment.
4. Feedback-free circuit with a short signal path.
5. Fully balanced circuit.
6. Balanced LEF single-ended Class-A output.