Giya G1 range C225 bass driver insights!

This will be of interest to many of you... Our friend ‎Jake Purches‎ from Vivid Audio repairs (re-cone) the damaged Giya G1 range C225 bass driver with neodymium magnet system, that was damaged with a transient (commonly having the power amp to the max and pulling out a phono plug).   Here is a sequence of images showing the structure and rebuilding.

Jacke writes: "This is a problem with aluminum drivers that have very large motor systems which can exert a terrific amount of force. If there is a sufficiently big enough spike the coil acts like a rail gun and can literally crush the cone. There is no way of preventing it. Companies like Devialet have developed clever limiters in their DSP so that when the known X-max is exceeded it puts the brakes on it. But this isn't available to those with standard unrestricted setups. So the rules are - (and any high power speaker can be damaged) is to turn the volume down, or the power amps off, when disconnecting anything. Never do it live."