Horn Loudspeaker systems - the book!

The ultimate horns book!? Thomas Dunker writes: lIt's official: After 14 years of work, our book "High-Quality Horn Loudspeaker Systems" is finally going to print as of today. Bjørn Kolbrek and I are both a bit exhausted after the past months of getting all the final details overseen. It will be available in mid-October according to the plan - further info to be announced. The first printing will be printed in the course of the next 4 weeks, and we need time to ship to US warehouses before the official launch.”

“The final page count comes to 1070 pages.  In keeping with the non-commercial profile of this group, further info and details on the publishing, the schedule for making it available for sale etc. will be posted on a dedicated web page in the near future. Let's just say the book will be available before ETF19, when we will give a presentation of the project.

 For now we just need a well deserved break for a little while. The authors would like to point out that this book project is in fact a huge DIY type project dedicated to the collection, organization and sharing of as much useful knowledge, insights, knowhow, history and science on horn speaker systems as we have by now managed to pack into a book. Though not available for free, it is ALL about sharing information, ETF style, we feel.”

Stay tuned...