Kii Three BXT speakers!

Our friend Jignesh N Khatiwala's dedicated listening showroom with a  Kii Three BXT speakers. Complete system description below...

Complete system:

Speakers: Kii Three BXT. or Joseph Audio Perspective2 Graphene or Precide Heil AMT Kithara or Joseph Audio Pearl3 or WLM Rudolf or WLM Elisabeth 

Electronics: ASR Audio or Mola Mola or Lindemann Audiotechnik or Lector Audio or Ear Yoshino 

Cables: Transparent Audio 

Power Conditioner: Transparent Audio 

Server: Roon Nucleus+ 

Streamer: SOtM sMS-200ultra 

USB Regen: SOtM tx-USBultra 

Master clock: SOtM sCLK-OSX10 

Ethernet Switch: SOtM sNH-10G 

Acoustics treatments: Custom designed ceiling and membrane traps in the corners. Stillpoints Aperture to enhance the acoustics of the room. 

Isolation devices: Stillpoints Ultra SS and Ultra 6

Audio rack: Custom designed Tonewood (Bamboo + Rosewood) rack by Emotion & Kraft, India. 

Electric Line: Isolated/dedicated three separate power lines from the meter box coming to the room. Line 1 is for all the analog gadgets, line 2 for digital and line 3 for computer. All the lines going through Sine/ABL cryogenic treated MCB and Furutech NCF receptacles.