New LessLoss Firewall for Loudspeakers

"LessLoss is introducing a new advanced product release. This pertains to the new Firewall for Loudspeakers product, the most advanced add-on to any system money can currently buy. This device is a set of four units, pictured above is a Firewall for Loudspeakers for a single polarity of your loudspeaker terminal. Here you see a banana plug version. The banana is on the right, connected to a short ~12cm very flexible, cotton covered length of our high performance C-MARC™ loudspeaker cable, joined seamlessly to the rigid and 100% transparent Firewall assembly. To this assembly is directly connected a versatile bolt-type terminal to which you can connect any type or combination of loudspeaker cable: direct wire, spade, banana, or even spade and banana together, or even two spades at an angle between about 45 degrees to 90 degrees. So, your speaker cable's single polarity termination connects to the Firewall for Loudspeakers at the left side of the picture, and the banana at the right of the picture goes directly into the corresponding speaker terminal."

Four such Firewall assemblies make up one stereo set of Firewall for Loudspeakers. Two are for Left speaker, and the other two for Right speaker. Pictured below are three such assemblies. Each one is to be connected between the loudspeaker cable and each terminal of your loudspeaker's input. This provides an incredible upgrade to the performance of the loudspeaker.

The inner workings of the Firewall for Loudspeakers are extremely delicate and all stages of production are handled with the utmost care, going all the way down to such sublime details as what magnetic field orientation the units are exposed to during manufacture. This is our most advanced product to date, and one listen will undoubtedly be a most eye-opening and jaw-dropping experience! You'll love it. Even we, who know all the intricate details and past trial stages of these components, can sometimes not believe our ears as to the profound effectiveness achieved. Everything sounds so real, it can be uncanny. Enough said. We'll let the reviewers take it from here.

Over the years we have worked a lot exploring and discovering ties between enclosure solutions and resulting sound quality. One fascinating tie developed here is the diffraction characteristic of light as pertains to EM signals flowing through lensing conditions. The behavior of light and the behavior of electro-magnetic waves cannot be said to be unrelated. They are after all the exact same phenomenon, just different frequencies. May the scientifically minded beware: purely empirical decisions are prone to ridicule and we are well aware of this. However, we are also well aware of what we experience when measurements reveal little to nothing of import. So we choose to take empirical discoveries into account in all of our design decisions, including the choice for a fully transparent housing.

FAQs that have arisen

(1) How about bi-wiring applications? How will the Firewall connect in such cases?

If you are using bi-wiring, such that you have two sets of loudspeaker cables between amp and each speaker, it is still advisable to use one Firewall for each terminal input. You should not use this Firewall for Loadspeakers on the amp output between amp and cable. The direction of signal will in that case be wrong and it will sound quite horrible.

If your speakers have one pair of +/- terminals for 'High frequency' and one set of +/- for 'Low frequency,' you should be using a Firewall on each of these four terminals per speaker. In those instances, for a stereo setup involving two loudspeakers, the total needed is eight individual units. This means you will need two complete stereo pairs of the Firewall for Loudspeakers product. One stereo pair is made up of four units, and two stereo pairs are made up of eight units.

The positive terminal units differ both internally and externally from the negative terminal units. These differences are clearly marked so you will never inadvertently make the mistake of mixing up positive with negative. It makes a huge difference as it is fundamental to its operation.

(2) Is it advantageous, as is the case with the Firewall 64X for power, to daisy chain two in series?

It is. Definitely.

(3) Is the Firewall for Loudspeakers product merely an application of the existing Firewall 64X for power?

Absolutely not. We always strive our hardest to offer only the latest, most advanced art we are capable of. The Firewall for Loudspeakers is a different beast altogether and these two should not be confused.


Retail pricing is set at 1450 USD for the set of four which make up one stereo pair. This comes to 362.5 USD each, including shipping.

Early bid offer: here.