New bFly-Audio StoneLine and tone Line TWIN

WIth the StoneLine we present a new decoupling base in the reference class, which is suitable for HiFi components and loudspeakers equally. Core of the new StoneLine is a conglomerate of fine-grained mineral and artifial resin. The homogenous structure of this composite provides for a highly effective elemination of vibrations. The anodized aluminum plate on teh top side is bonded with an soft Polymer adhesiver and has so the function of an absorber layer. In addition the aluminium works as a shield against electro-smog.

In accordance with our MLA philosophy (Multi Layer Adjustment) we offer the StoneLine optionally as TWIN version.

The StoneLine TWIN consists of a second aluminium plate and a second "stone base".
The feet of the StoneLine are very complex with many layers.

Core of the feet is a ring of Sorbothane, which is encapsulated between two aluminium discs. In the center of the ring of sorbothane we have an air-cell, which serves as damping.

On the underside we have a special gel pad. The duration of this gel pad is adjusted to the other absorber layers and supports them with the aim of a broadband damping.
The layers of the feet from top to down 

- rubber
- corpus of aluminium as delimiter
- granulate of cork with natural rubber (thin)
- Sorbothane with parallel air cell  
- speciality rubber 
- cap of aluminium as delimiter
- special gel pad


      - Size S/M with 3 feet
      - Size M, L und XL with 4 fett
      - feet not height-adjustable 

      - Dimensions:         
        S/M   250 x 350 mm   (BxT)     
          M      440 x 350 mm   (BxT)
          L       500 x 400 mm   (BxT)  
          XL     560 x 460 mm   (BxT)

      - Height:    30 mm   TWIN   45 mm

      - Size  S/M: Logo on the side with 25cm
      - Load capacity: max 75 kg
      - Color:       vulkano-black, grey,
                         Surcharge for: rose-quartz

Prices:  In brackets for rose-quartz
Größe S/M   Standard        499,- €    (   799,- € )
                     TWIN              799,- €    ( 1099,- € )

Größe M       Standard       599,- €    (   899,- € )     
                     TWIN              999,- €    ( 1599,- € )
Größe L       Standard        799,- €    (  1099,- € )     
                     TWIN             1299,- €    (  2199,- € )

Größe XL     Standard         999,- €    (  1299,- € )     
                     TWIN             1599,- €    (  2799,- € )