New Longdog Audio quartz turntable power supply for Lenco/Rega/Thorens and Garrard

"Longdog Audio new quartz turntable power supply is now shipping. Both silver and black available for £895. The design feeds your deck with a pure 50Hz controlled by a quartz crystal, just about the purest mains feed you can give your precious vinyl spinner. The new design incorporates a speed controller for as an example Lenco turntables which if they have been modified require the platter to be taken off to change speed. The new power supply means this is no longer required, a simple switch on the front panel will change your platter from 33 rpm to 45 rpm in an instant. Available for use globally, there is a voltage input selector for choosing 120/230V input and 50 or 60Hz for use in the USA and other countries that use 60Hz."

"The supply has been trialled on Lenco/Rega/Thorens and Garrard (with the Garrard simply use the supply set at 33 RPM and adjust speed via the eddy brake). A panel of 20+ audiophiles have all heard the supply powering a Thorens turntable and improvements were immediate."