North American product premiers at RMAF 2019

VANA, Ltd. will introduce a host of new products to the North American market at the 2019 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest at its booth in Ballroom B, Marketplace L. Take a look at the products below...


E-Glo I Integrated Tube Amplifier from European Audio Team (E.A.T.)

The E-Glo I Integrated Amplifier is a new “All-Tube” design that uses a unique circuit topology, ultra-wide bandwidth transformers and precision stepped attenuators. The E-Glo I combines world-class performance and innovative design flourishes with unsurpassed reliability and ease of use. VANA will offer the E-Glo I with either Electro-Harmonix or EAT’s superlative KT-88.

Jo N° 8 Moving-Coil Phono Cartridge from EAT

Introducing the new flagship of the Jo series: an evolution of the superlative Jo N°5 featuring even higher performance, the N° 8 features a solid chestnut body and internal components shared with Ortofon’s premium-priced, top-of-the-line offerings, including a Shibata stylus with a boron cantilever for superior resolution and high frequency extension.

Midex Loudspeaker from Audio Physic

Audio Physic's newest offering brings the same drivers, crossover, and vibration-canceling innovations used in the acclaimed Virgo III, packaged in a simplified cabinet at a substantially lower price point. Midex benefits from Virgo’s engineering innovations, which control mechanical energy and create the shortest possible signal path.

Introducing: Atlas Cables

VANA is proud and pleased to announce its partnership with Atlas Cables of Scotland. Manufacturer of some of the world’s most highly regarded cables, Atlas’ state-of-the-art products have won acclaim in over 30 countries. The award-winning Mavros and Asimi ranges are considered among the finest cable products available anywhere at any price. VANA will have an Atlas craftsman building cables at the booth at RMAF, enabling attendees to appreciate the extreme level of build quality that goes into every Atlas product.

ONE” RCM from Okki Nokki

Designed and engineered “from the ground up,” Okki’s new RCM is entirely crafted of bespoke components for unprecedented reliability and class-leading performance. The world's first vacuum RCM to utilize a molded ABS unibody design, this groundbreaking product offers unprecedented vacuum power due to a precision-engineered air and fluid suction path derived from high-end vacuum technology.

RMAF Booth Demos

The VANA booth will feature two ongoing interactive demos throughout RMAF: one on record-cleaning techniques featuring the Okki Nokki RCM and Revolv Supreme Clean fluid; and one demonstrating the artisanal construction of their new product line from Atlas Cables.

RMAF Seminar: “Record Cleaning Made Difficult”

VANA's Justin Feldstein will be participating in vinyl guru Michael Fremer’s record-cleaning symposium, “Record Cleaning Made Difficult,” wherein a panel of record-cleaner manufacturers will discuss the best ways to clean, restore and preserve vinyl records. The panel will discuss vacuum, cavitation and other cleaning methods as well as various liquid formulations. Revolv’s “Supreme Analog Fluid” will be featured.

VANA to Host Trade Day Event at RMAF

VANA will be hosting an event at their booth on Thursday, September 5th at 4:30 PM. The event will serve as a formal launch for the Atlas Cables line, the EAT E-Glo I and the Audio Physic Midex.