Setiawan Demagnitizer

"DEMAGNITIZER is a product that I developed to eliminate the magnetic properties in objects that should not have magnetic properties, because the magnetic properties of audio equipment that should not have magnetic properties can caused performance reduction in electrical conductivity."

"DEMAGNITIZER can be applied to various types of audio equipment such as CD, Record, Fuse, Interconnect cable, speaker cable, PCB analog linear circuit, etc.

The inspiration for developing this DEMAGNITIZER came about 12 years ago when I was working on a company importing high end audio equipment. At that time I was able to sell demagnetizer product made by Furutech, I sold Furutech Demagnitizer at a price of USD 1100. And now (2018) I see that product offering price is USD2400.

The unique touch that I want to give to DEMAGNITIZER products besides its much cheaper price are:

1. Smaller size so it's easy to place
2. Available demagnetization time settings, because different objects require different demagnetization times
3. Using a Demagnetization probe, making it easy to reach any target at dificult positions without remove the object that you want to demagnetize.