Darius Valiunas field coil cartridge

A few further insights about the Darius Valiunas field coil cartridge... "I've spent much time doing experiments with standard MC construction which is used by 95 percent of cartridge manufactures. I've tried to make them with electromagnet but did not achieve the sound I've been searching for. Then I've started with direct couples cartridges. Some notes about standard field coil cartridge. 0.1 Mv output, 3 ohms coil resistance, ruby cantilever, micro ridge diamond,10din compliance. 

The magnetic field in my direct couple field colid cartridge is 3200 gauss and the magnetic field in the standard cartridge is 1200 gauss. For example, Denon 103 has 2000 gauss, Kondo Audio Note IQ field coil FC -1200 gauss.In order to get 3400 gausses from 8 gr electromagnet, Eugene Kommisarov invested two years of R & D.