Franc Audio Accessories Wood Block Rack

Paweł Franc Skulimowski writes: "Few years ago, designing Wood Block Rack, my first thought was to build it as much as possible separated from vibrations. So I decided to design it as some kind of multi platform, where each shelf to be separated from unwanted vibrations. From the very beginning I knew that if I want to achieve the best anti-vibration results, I have to use my ceramic feet instead of cheap and not such effective spikes."

"So I decided to give a solid foundation to the table, which is a very massive shelf. As the first anti-vibration element I used very effective and proven ceramic feet from my offer designed for heavy loads - ceramic disc fat foot, which also allow leveling the entire table.

From the first assumption, the table was also to allow the installation of very heavy audio components, so the next thing was to design appropriately solid and durable vertical pillars - legs. In the newest rack I decided to use precisely CNC machined aluminum panels as very solid and stiffen base to frame for rest of shelves/platforms.

The choice of material is not accidental. As a master's degree mechanical engineer and welding engineer, I know the physical and chemical properties of metals and it is aluminum that provides very good vibration damping properties - much better than steel and other hard metals.

Top shelves are based on industrial looking C-beam. This solution is dedicated for very heavy audio components, and mostly turntables and is mandatory for very wide type of my 1+3 rack. For lighter view of the rack, when not as big loads are used C-beam can be replaced by square beams - the same beams as for lower tiers.

Each shelf is separated from frame and vibrations by 4 ceramic feet called “tablette”. For the best results, stability, stress distribution and vibration damping, 3 ceramic balls are installed in each footers, and long thread allow leveling each shelf separately. So that way you can be always sure that your audio component stay in proper position.

Wood Block Rack is offered as single, double or triple width and also as two, three or four tier. Painted according RAL palette and finished as matte or high gloss.

Also finished in about 100 different wooden veneers as matte or high gloss. All dimensions can be customized.

Thank you all my friends for trust of my company and supporting for all this years. Paweł franc audio accessories - and sound has no limits – since 2009"