Declare is highly vocative and excited about the Lii Audio speakers: “More good stuff arrives to DECFEST2019.  These speakers are guaranteed to simply spank anything for the same $2500 price so badly it will be embarrassing.  I mean SPANK, and do it with two watts.  Yes, I forgot to mention they are 100dB with 1 watt and flat from 20K to 30Hz with crazy bass response, a single driver, no crossover and when it's loud enough to scare you, you can't even see the speaker cone moving.  These amazing speakers are from Lii Audio and will soon be available from Decware.”

These are not mass produced speakers from China, but rather hand made speakers and drivers from a small family business in China.  That's a big difference.  This isn't  Eupa factory in China, this is audio passion.

As far as how the DNA2 compares, it is 94dB of pure audio bliss.  However, this is faster, more present, has more attack, sounds more live, and is 6dB louder with the same power.  It's just not a fair comparison.