New Raidho TD2.2 speakers

Raidho writes: "We are extremely proud to introduce the new TD2.2 to the world. This model carries on the legacy of the well-acclaimed D2.1 and taking the beautiful exterior to the next level. The TD2.2 is our bid for the new bench- mark in its class, and we are certain that it will surprise audiophiles around the world when they hear, what this compact floor-stander can do."

After months of hard work, the initial tuning of the TD2.2 are finished, and it follows the rest of the new TD-series with the use of our new, in- house developed, in-house built, patented driver with one of the strongest underhung systems in the world with 1.1 tesla in the gap. The drivers use our new 5-layer Tantalum-Diamond cone with higher inner damping, and a new, proprietary, edge wound titanium voice coil.

To fit our new tech to the cabinets, we had to change everything inside to create optimal airflow, remove unwanted reflections, and eliminate distortion caused by the typical limitations in cabinet designs.

The TD2.2 is a 2 1⁄2 way system based on our new TD quasi-ribbon tweeter which was first introduced in the top model, TD4.8. The tweeter already was a world class tweeter, but by running through the design and optimizing the acoustic shape of the rear chamber, we achieved to lower the distortion, which was already very low, by a staggering 35 dB, and at the same time increasing the sensitivity by 3 DB.

These technical design-changes made it possible to match the tweeter with the extreme sensitivity, that our new drivers hold. With careful design of the new crossover, which is built in hand and hard wired with top class components, the initial trimming of the TD2.2, has given us a speaker that measures at a record low distortion-level, and it ́s audible immediately after pushing play. Due to the higher efficiency in the whole system, the TD2.2 also is an easy load for any amplifier, and they will unleash all the potential from your electronics.

The TD2.2 is the natural full-size step-up from the TD1.2, and it will deliver a dynamic, natural, and extremely musical performance. This, while at the same time moving the limits for power handling in an elegant and still compact floor standing speaker. The TD2.2 is the floor standing answer for those seeking the signature-sound from the TD-series, but keeping it in a compact and elegant design with great attention to detail, both visual and technical.

The TD2.2 is made with internal wiring from Nordost based on the Norse-Line, meaning that the internal wiring is done with technology from Nordost Valhalla2 cables.

This a reference-product giving a true-to-life sound with an almost limitless soundstage, allowing the speakers to disappear and putting the music in focus.

We present to you the Raidho TD2.2 - This is the speaker for the music-lover.