StoneLine - Decoupling based on mineral... bFly-audio is a German specialist for effective decoupling solutions. Their own concept called MLA means Multi Layer Adjustment. With MLA bFly-audio combines different materials like sorbothane and cork-rubber layer by layer. Each layer eliminates varying disturbance frequencies. Because of the cumulation of different filtering frequencies this products has an much higher effenciency compared to absorbers composed of one material.

With the StoneLine bFly-audio presents a new absorber base suitable for HiFi components and loadspeakers. The core of the new StoneLine is a conglomerat of a fine-grained mineral stone and artificial resin. On the surface is a polymer bonded aluminium plate, which serves for an aditional isolation of vibrations and a reduction of electrosmog too.
According their own MLA concept they offer a improved StoneLine in the form of the TWIN design. The TWIN version provides with an second alumunium plate and stone plate for an additional sound improvement.

The general result of StoneLine is a more relaxed sound, spacial and natural.

Available in 3 colors and 4 sizes: 25x35, 44x35, 50x40 and 56x46cm

Prices: Stone Line from 499 Euro Stone Line TWIN from 799 Euro

Contact: bFly-audio, Augsburg Germany Phone: +49 (0) 821 9987797