"This is the latest addition to the collection of Exotic Audio Design amplification components. The line preamplifier is a unique, one-stage design, with one of the best triodes we have ever experienced. Several versions of this model are going to be released, with the input selector / volume control, housed in external chassis, separate from the gain chassis, which is going to have only one input and one output. Through different versions of this unique design, the listener will have the option to adapt his preferences and needs with maximum optimization and sound quality, to his audio system. First comes the fully passive module, with two options: either with the best slider (potentiometer) or TVC (transformer volume control), housed in its own chassis."

"Then comes the active module, with the tube gain stage housed in its own chassis And for the most demanding audio aficionados, one more power supply chassis is going to give power to the audio circuit, through a unique innovation that has never been applied to any comparable product in the world! (more on this in the near future). For the flagship variation of this design, a total of 22 iron pieces is going to be used. All cores are made from the proprietary, most exotic ferromagnetic material for audio applications. All parts and components, besides the plugs and inlets, are the best ever made, discontinued since many years ago, but well kept in stock for all future needs and requirements. Stay tuned for more information!"