OMA's new Model B Schroeder Tonearm was a commission design by Frank Schroeder from OMA. We wanted a simple, large arm harking back to the broadcast and studio tonearms of the 1950's and 1960's, a golden age for vinyl.

The arm is CNC milled from a single block of torrefied (thermally modified) Rock Maple hardwood. It features a unique, constrained unipivot design with a secondary bearing ensuring absolute stability, a problem with virtually all other unipivot designs. It is one of the only unipivots with true neutral balance, and a center of gravity at the pivot point. The effective mass is approximately 20g with the supplied removable Certal metal headshell plate, handling a range of cartridges with a mass of 8-20g and compliances between 4 and 12cu. Suitable additional counterweights can be supplied. A sliding weight for fine VTF adjustment is accessible from the top of the arm. The BA is ideal, in short, for most cartridges in the medium to heavy range, and one of the few arms made today perfect for use with vintage professional cartridges.

  • 372mm overall length
  • 267.5mm spindle to pivot distance
  • 282mm effective length