"Von Schweikert Audio is pleased to present the latest addition to our line of reference loudspeakers, the Endeavor SE. Every Von Schweikert Audio loudspeaker brings you closer than ever before to the source, so that you can experience the live event in the privacy of your home."

"With the Endeavor SE, we strove to use as much technology and design parameters from our award-winning flagships, the Ultra 11 and the Ultra 9, but at a much lower price point, while retaining the same sonic DNA."

The Endeavor SE has the same low distortion, speed, resolution and tonal accuracy as the breathtaking sound of the E5 Mark II, but at less than half the price. Those familiar with the E-5 MkII will understand the Endeavor SE has the same relationship to it as the ULTRA 9 has to the ULTRA 11. Both the Endeavor SE and ULTRA 9 are virtually identical in build quality and sound performance as their larger concentric array siblings, but in a classic size; more accommodating for the majority of soundrooms and lifestyles, as well as budgets.

Handcrafted and built-to-order in the U.S. with custom finishes that exemplify the owner’s personal style, the Endeavor SE amply demonstrates Von Schweikert Audio’s promise of The Sound of Reality.

The two finishes featured in this video are Platinum Graphite and Rio Gold."