"Von Schweikert Audio is pleased to introduce our ULTRA 55, the third model in their flagship ULTRA Line of reference loudspeakers. Its technology and performance are essentially identical to the critically acclaimed and award-winning ULTRA 9 and ULTRA 11, but in a form factor that is far more adaptable to a greater number of moderate to medium size sound rooms given its output, footprint and overall height."

"The ULTRA 55, like the ULTRA 9 and ULTRA 11, sets an unprecedented new standard for realism that brings you closer than ever before to the source, so you can experience the live event in the privacy of your home. To achieve this level of performance, we’ve leveraged more than 40 years of research and development in the creation of this revolutionary new model.

“The VAC/Von Schweikert system produced some of the finest sound I've ever heard at a hi-fi show and demonstrated to all the SAT's incredible bottom end performance. A few people wept.”
- Michael Fremer, Analog Planet – ULTRA 55 at the Florida Audio Expo

The ULTRA 55 delivers all the speed and depth of bass, vocal resolution and tonal richness of our critically acclaimed and award-winning ULTRA Line of flagship loudspeakers but in a form factor that will fit into almost any lifestyle. Through their low distortion design, the ULTRA 55 exceeds the competition in its ability to deliver more of the signal without the “information masking” from the competition’s higher distortion designs. Lastly, the ULTRA 55 can more accurately reproduce the original sound of recordings in essentially any environment using our proprietary analog room integration controls during their initial setup.

The ULTRA 55 is the state-of-the-art in high-end audio loudspeaker design. Von Schweikert Audio allows you to simply enjoy the music by solving the many challenges of recreating the live event in your sound room.

The ULTRA 55 shown here in Bleu Celeste."