Seriously, it's the room.  I've always said, audio and music is not a solitary experience.   It is the culmination of living luxuriously, housing the best of equipment in a lovely living space. Add onto that fine wine, fine hospitality from a welcoming host, which makes for an unforgettable fine evening.

Dr. Howard Wong takes this to a whole new level.

The house is a historic building in the heart of Kowloon.  The floor, the windows, and the entire kitchen is truly restoration hardware, with a 12-foot ceiling to boot.   This is a living space that money cannot buy in Hong Kong, literally.

The system is built around the Swiss-made Steinheim speakers, driven by Orpheus amplifiers and CH Precision front end equipment. The sound is elegant and inviting, with music filling up the entire space with a soothing and inviting sound.

The best part is you don't feel you're listening to a system, you're immersed in the sound of a real piano playing in the background, or a string quartet......

I can't get enough of the professional-grade kitchen housed within the same room.

I'm moving in,..............

Richard H. Mak - Analog Editor