Richard Lau's system is one of the highlights of my Asia visits. Nowhere else on the earth do audio rooms come as precious as they do than Hongkong.  At literally thousands per square foot, every inch of space is bought at a hefty price.

Richard Lau's dedication is admirable, with a 5 way GOTO horn system driven by 5 separate amplifiers and two Accuphase electronic crossovers - which is no easy task at all.  It takes time, patience and commitment, and most of all dedication.

You are playing the role of a speaker designer, constantly augmenting the crossover points and volume levels.

Richard played for me several configurations and all of them seemed correct until you hit the next one.   What I do with tonearms and cartridges, Richard does with the crossover, he knows exactly which configuration to use for different types of music.

The system has an airy too end with great frequency extension. The 15" woofers deliver plenty of oomph when called for.

Another fine afternoon well spent with a dedicated enthusiast, one day I have to go back............

Richard H. Mak Analog Editor