Tartini's dream: “I dreamed one night in 1713 that it had sold my soul to the devil. He obeyed my orders, my new set up was anticipated every one of my wishes and excelled all. Finally, I had the idea of handing him my violin to see what would with him. Great was my surprise when I heard a sonata so beautiful and original, played with great superiority and intelligence that I had never heard anything like that, nor even imagined that something as beautiful as possible. 

I felt so much pleasure - rapture, surprise - I lost my breath: The violence of the feeling woke me up. Immediately threw hand violin, trying to emulate the sounds he heard, but in vain. The piece that I wrote then that is truly the best ever written, and I named him Devil's Trill Sonata, but it is so inferior to what I had heard that if I could support myself otherwise would have broken my violin and abandoned music forever”.

The 1715 ex-Tartini, Lipinski Stradivarius has a interesting history: Giuseppe Tartini acquired it directly from Stradivari hands and held it until his dead in 1770. Tartini's heirs sold the violin to a certain Mr.Salvini, a fond of the violin who detained it for 44 years. In 1817, Salvini attracted by the great popularity of Polish virtuoso Karol Josef Lipinski decided to donate it to Lipinski so that he could share the stage and salons of Europe with the Italian virtuoso Niccoló Paganini, the first showman in violin history. - Saulo Zucchello