If you're passionate about triodes and obscure audio gems, here is a magnificent dosage to fill up the gap... Great insights, photos and comments about the European Triode Festival 2019 by our friend Marc Henry...

"That's OK, regulators are cool again" (Thomas Dunker)πŸ˜‚


So many interesting things to discuss 😁...

 A pair of Goto medium horns just bought at the EFT auction.

Italian system Ari-Gui... with  beautiful Italian finish !

Silicon diodes - Too Simple? Do it like Jeffrey Jackson! Elevate the current of the sector with mercury steam valves.... It has a different face than silicon, doesn't it?

Interesting and funny lecture by famous Pete Millett about intermodulation distortion. Backed up with listening comparisons with IMD generator he built!

Yes, this is the French team πŸ˜‚. A private joke πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚...

Great open reel stuff!

Jeffrey Jackson horn system. Very organic, fast...triode "50", beautifull massive wood horn, field coil speakers, and mercury vapour regulators

Pete Millett asked some "French know-how" to open this Jeroboam of Oregon red wine. Fortunately, i was there.

This is the time of the auction to benefit the organization of the event. A Jar of rhubarb jam just left at 22 €. We can wonder how many these Supravox 285 alnico will make!

Dutch team Again, with all field coil EMS speaker. Soooo fast ans natural !

Tiny and excellent system using an Australian Broadcast Platinum!

We're here too. For the first time in photo the Kornhent sub!

From Germany.... Sympa ! Red LEDs must be there to serve as a reference of tension and not to look pretty!

ETF 2019 Flying Norwegians system. RCA speakers. Terrific !!!

ETF 2019 Dutch system suite...

The Big system, powered by a 813 Tube Amplifier. 80W of pure triode output!

Time to go back home!