JJ 2A3-40 TUBE

Whammerdyne Heavy Industries: "Did you know? well you will now. The JJ brand 2A3-40 tube has a total plate dissipation of 40 watts. That does not mean of course you can get 40 watts of class A SE power out. But what it does mean if one has a much higher B+ (Anode voltage and sets the tubes bias accordingly we can obtain a much higher sustained power out. In fact on our test bench here in the lab we were able to obtain a full 12.2 watts out with one tube! The "Stealth" project we are working on (Prototype) will be a future special edition 12.2 watt stereo amplifier and a twin mono design that will be 24.4 watts output. This design will all be based on our famous Z direct circuit topology with dual symmetrical drive power supplies and fully DC coupled (no capacitors in the signal path) tests show a bandwidth of 100 Khz special output transformers are required for this as well as the power supply B+ at over 465 vdc and regulated."

"The only thing is it will use exclusively the JJ brand 2A3-40 tube no other tube will work in the amplifier. But the reality is JJ is not going away as a company in fact they are increasing their tube production. So the 2A3-40 will be with us for a long time, best of all they are not expensive as 2A3's go being around $ 260.00 a pair. Why you might think are we staying with the 2A3 tube when other more powerful tubes are available? in short they sound better then 300B's, 845's,211's tubes period.
So look for a possible introduction sometime possibly mid next year and of course they will not be cheap we build only the best period. These will only be built custom order as they are a limited signature editions"

It's the Whammer way... "Always True to the Music".