Fidelizer writes: "Today we launch a new network switch product that can help you enjoying streaming media and local files as equals. Feel free to read our journey and happy listening."

Today I’d like to introduce a new product I’ve been working for some time now. It’s a network switch modification that can break the barrier between streaming media and local ones to enjoy both as equals.

Personally, I’m just a passionate audiophile who prefer buying solutions that work and enjoy the music. I bought and tried a few audiophile network switches along with other network tweaks but I couldn’t find one that I can truly happy with streaming content.

And it’s not just me. Many highend audiophiles, reviewers, and store owners told me they find sound quality from streaming being unacceptable in their reference systems. Although they’re happy with Nimitra, they can’t feel the same way when playing streaming media.

I tried to fix network issues years back and seriously working on it since last year in attempt to get satisfying network streaming quality but it didn’t work out as I hoped for. I was very busy in building Nimitra servers and custom orders too so I couldn’t make enough research.

EtherStream - Modification

This year I decided to slow things down and focus more on fulfilling my passion of music. I finally made a solution that can truly enjoy streaming as I hoped for. EtherStream Network Switch is a modified Cisco SG110D-08 network switch with the following modification:

-Input capacitor upgraded with high capacitance and low impedance tuned for optimal performance
-Safety resistors upgraded with high power from Vishay Dale on DC input stage, power regulation stage, and isolation transformer stage
-Re-energize power supply with special tantalum capacitors to reducing noise and interference in processor chip effectively
-Crystal clock is upgraded with high quality clock from Japan with noise reduction tweaks
-Components are soldered with high quality solder providing solid bass and dynamics

It’s the most affordable and most effective network switch with overhaul modification doing everything I can to improve quality in network. I can guarantee that you will find very satisfying improvements on both audio/video applications.

The product price will be $395 USD and free shipping during introductory period until 30th November 2019. You can read more about EtherStream Network Switch product and order with 30-day money back guaranteed.