Fostex YK103A is a dedicated bass reflex speaker box for the FE103A full-range speaker unit, which will be the 70th anniversary model. “YK103A” will be available in limited quantities from mid-December.

YK103A already has a terminal, internal wiring, and sound absorbing material for sound quality adjustment. By simply connecting the internal wiring to the FE103A and attaching it with the supplied bolts, you can easily enjoy fine-tuned, pure sound, well-balanced quality bass, and a wide dynamic range.


-While using solid Tamo wood and China plywood for the enclosure material, we realized a richer sound and a natural reverberation by using hollow Tamo wood for the duct. It is a luxurious specification that maximizes the potential of FE103A.
-Beautiful wood grain tamo is used for the veneer for finishing. Its bright colors harmonize with various interiors.
-A translucent smoke-colored acrylic plate is used on the side surface so that the inside can be seen.
-The input terminal uses a gold-plated terminal compatible with banana plugs, and our SFC103 is used for internal wiring to reduce deterioration in sound quality from the input terminal to the speaker unit.

Price: $1,282 (without VAT)