"Gold Note releases a new stereo power amplifier to complete the Gold Note 10 Series. PA-10 is capable of 75W per channel @ 8Ohm doubling its power when bridged to use in mono (BTL). With adjustable damping factor for ideal matching of loudspeakers and GN Link technology to put the amp in master-slave-mode with other units. You can now build an affordable High-End stereo system from turntable or digital source to speakers by one brand: Gold Note offers the whole audio chain with conveniently sized Hifi electronics (200 mm W | 80 mm H | 260 mm D | 4kg)."

Other products featured in video:

- DS-10 4in1 DAC with Streamer, Line Preamplifier and Headphone Amp
- A3 EVO bookshelf loudspeaker

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