The Ballfinger M 002 P (11.598,00 €) is a pure playback machine and provides a high-end solution. The tape head is directly connected to the XLR connectors, so the machine, similar to high-quality record players, serves as a pure drive and can be combined with various external playback amplifiers. The compact and modern design blends in with the demands of modern interior design. It can also be easily integrated into existing high-end systems. The tape deck can be operated horizontally and vertically. For vertical operation, both a wall bracket and a rack can be ordered for installation. The cable connections are located in a special connection terminal on the bottom of the machine.

The base for the compact Ballfinger M 002 P comprises the new, super compact tape transport system at just 50 mm high. This consists of a torsionally stiff aluminium plate with fine-milled surfaces, to which all the mechanical components are fastened. The reels are driven by ironless disc motors, which are electronically commutated and fitted with tape tension control on both sides. The machine has a tape path geometry with a completely new layout. The sensors are therefore not located beneath the reels, as is conventional, but rather between them and directly above the head block. Despite its modest dimensions of 460 mm x 380 mm, the M 002 P can therefore accommodate reels with a diameter of up to 300 mm. Inserting a tape is also self-explanatory and extremely simple.

The capstan shaft is driven by a brushless DC motor by belt. This has allowed the tape head and capstan motor to be installed far apart from each other, which in turn results in a very high signal-to-noise ratio for the audio signal. Additionally, the power supply unit has been relocated outside the device, which has enabled further enhancement of this ratio and also means that complex measures for electromagnetically screening the tape heads were superfluous. The M 002 P is equipped with a digital real-time counter mechanism that counts hours, minutes, seconds and hundredths of seconds. The current counter reading is saved every time the device is switched off, and displayed again when it is switched back on. As is otherwise only conventional with large studio devices, the tape deck boasts an editing function with preview option for one-handed operation. The device has been primarily designed for horizontal operation. However, it can also be operated vertically. All connections are ideally located on the device base for this. Using the requisite accessories the machine can therefore be operated upright, and all cables are located on the rear as is customary. Further features are electric (and therefore wear-free) brakes and deep groove ball bearings on the capstan shaft and pressure roller, which keep service requirements to a minimum. The M 002 P is available in silver frosted and wooden or black finish.

Analog High End Tape Deck with balanced output for Operation with external Playback Amplifier

  • Available summer 2020 
  • Super flat and compact design for horizontal and vertical operation 
  • External DC power supply 
  • Reel size up to 30 cm 
  • Belt drive capstan motor and direct drive reel motors 
  • 2 speeds switchable from 19 cm / s to 38 cm / s 
  • Edit function manually one-handed 
  • High resolution digital counter 
  • ¼“ Stereo with 2,00 mm or 2,75 mm track width 
  • Playback tape head direct to balanced XLR output