Not so while ago the official thought was how only analog is of super complex nature and the digital front ends are operating in far less complicated realms. Well, the latest digital pushforward pace is measured more in months then years. Every little thing matters and adds to the balancing act. I've already had quite a sobering experience with LUMIN X1's optical input at the time of the review. Compared to the usual ethernet, the difference was nowhere near subtle and this ignited my interest far beyond initial curiousness. After the X1 review, for the past few months, I've also explored different audiophile switches (more about that in the separate article) and the latest exciting thing to dig deeper into again deals with optical input. Taiko Audio SGM Extreme server offers onboard SFP port so will be easy to compare the impact between the standard ethernet and optical inputs. I have little doubts that this should introduce some benefits based on the LUMIN X1 impact but do stay tuned for more very soon. Yes, highly exciting times for digital aficionados!