Every pair of Vox Olympians and Elysians are made exclusively by hand in England. Assembling and finishing a pair of cabinets involves a team of five highly-skilled artisans, working with painstaking attention to detail. Each pair of Olympians can, depending on the selected finishes and veneers, require up to 2,000 man hours to build; 1,400 hours for the cabinets alone and 600 hours for the bronze, silver and gold work. So unfortunately, yes, prospective buyers will undeniably face several weeks’ wait – but we promise it’ll be worth it.

Organic Form Via Natural Design

The Vox Olympian is a synthesis of fine art, fine furniture making, and above all cutting edge acoustic science with a balance of form and proportion that is derived from Golden Ratio and Fibonacci sequence geometry: the natural laws of physics at the heart of its acoustic design.

The Vox Olympian is made exclusively to order with endless veneer and finish options. A particular favourite is Macassar Ebony with Amboyna Burl and Ripple Anigre; a classic Art Deco combination associated with master furniture designer Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann.

Another timeless combination is European Walnut with London Plane and Lacewood. This strikes a completely different mood redolent of classic English furniture making. These classic liveries chime beautifully with the low-lustre gunmetal bronze-work, and discrete gold and silver detailing. Quilted Maple and Masur Burl with tortoise-shell patination to the bronze-work lends an elegant baroque sumptuousness that is restrained just to the right side of Rococo. Lovely in light open interiors.

Living Voice skilled artisans use time honoured techniques that have been handed down through generations to produce something that modern engineering and mass production simply cannot replicate. There are very few cabinet makers in the world today who produce work of this quality and detail.