A few insights from the Daniele Coen's (Alsyvox) visit last week at the Taiko Audio headquarters. Alsyvox Botticelli speakers were already installed at the Taiko Audio official showroom at the end of the last year. Coen has personally delivered and installed the external crossovers, that elevates the Botticelli speakers to the X level. 

Taiko Audio's addition of Alsyvox Botticelli X speakers was an evolutional step towards reaching a higher system resolution, that will further assist to the R & D for the current and upcoming projects.

Above, from left to right, Daniele Coen of Alsyvox, Edward Hsu, Emile Bok, Ton Leer and Ted Leer of Taiko Audio.

  • Taiko Audio SGM Extreme music server
  • TotalDac D1-12mk2 DAC
  • TotalDac D1-Driver buffers
  • Audionet Stern & The Bespoke Audio Company Silver pre-amplifiers
  • Audionet Heisenberg power-amplifiers
  • Alsyvox Botticelli X loudspeakers 

The system and Alsyvox Botticelli X speakers are available for audition in Hengelo, the Netherlands for anyone interested.