And another interesting product from Korean high-end audio manufacture Apollon Audio; the ($29.200) Noble II tube preamplifier... "With the goal of becoming the system for all our friends who enjoy listening to the ultimate in music, and the goal of achieving the ultimate sound we at UL Sound have been dedicated to the development of audio systems for the last 33 years and we promise that those who chose our sound systems have made the best decision and the music that is played using our product would be noticeably at a higher level."

"The interstage transformer product we would like to introduce is being produced with the determination to realize ultimate sound, and you are looking at the preamp that is like the master of the universe, the Noble Preamp. Once you become the owner of this product you will overlook the price when enjoying this master of the universe.

All the transformers of this product are produced after having evolved over 33 years in Apollon and have an output transformer mounted in addition to the 13 transformers that double as having absolute value and function.

Developed with the goal of maximizing sound quality it comes equipped with 36 step volume that optimizes the sound even more and the wideband sound, the energy of sound that clearly differs in dimension, the energy of sound and the colorful light and texture of the music exists in a warm temperature allowing you to enjoy the life within the music."


Input Impedance: 47k Ohms unbalanced 600 Ohms balanced Nickel amorphous input transformer type
Input Sensitivity: minimum 0.01V maximum 2V
Inputs : Three Unbalance RCA stereo / Three Balance XLR stereo Nickel amorphous input transformer type
Output Impedance Nickel amorphous output transformer type balanced XLR 600 ohms , unbalanced RCA 47K
Output Voltage : Multi output from 4V to maximum 12V Adjustable Output Unbalance RCA stereo OUT Two Balance XLR stereo OUT One
Frequency Response : * 20Hz ~~~ 30 KHz +/-0.5dB / 35KHz +0.7dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Distortion output 5V -103dB at 1KH.
Hum and Noise: -108db
Tube Complement : E80CC / UX 245 One single channel
Tube Complement: Rectifier Tube GZ34
Power Consumption : 270W
Operating Voltage: 220V
Dimensions: Main W 480 D350 H160 power supply W 480 D350 H160
Net Weight: Including power supply 60Kg