You have to love this Tannoy installation... “Listening bars are becoming increasingly popular in Japan and major cities around the world. The concept is simple, a cafe or bar, some high- end audio equipment and some carefully curated vinyl records. Well-known Music Producers Takeshi Kobayashi, Shinichi Osawa and Coffee Producer Nobuhiro Toriba joined together to create the perfect bar for music lovers in Tokyo's Ginza district. GINZA MUSIC BAR offers a salon experience both extraordinary and sophisticated while also evoking the uniquely comforting cultural mood of the good old days of Ginza.”

”3000 of the finest vinyl records have been carefully selected encompassing everything from all-time classics in Rock, Jazz, Soul, Disco and New Wave, to the latest trends in Indie Rock, Hip Hop, Techno, Minimal and also various Movie Soundtracks, all to be enjoyed playing through a top-of-the-line high-fidelity sound system built around Tannoy Westminster loudspeakers.

Trusted by music creatives around the world, installed in the world's best venues, perfect for listening at home.”