Some of the readers asked about the ALPS volume pots being used  for the Nagra HD Preamp HV volume control. Actually the ALPS are only operating as controller and are not in the signal path.  The volume control is a patent pending technology that allows perfect level matching with a much more transparent sound compared to potentiometers and switch resistor technology, because there is no attenuation of the input signal, just an automatic selection of a tap on the Nagra custom output transformer.

Just the Nagra handmade multi taps volume transformers at the back on the picture cost more than most parts of any other Preamplifiers. There is more decoupling HighEnd capacitors In the power supply that you will see normally. There is a other chassis that come with it that is the SuperCaps power supply. There is also the suspension that is expensive to make and the 3 years of R&D