Nayuta Audio Linear Power Supply

Korean LPS manufacture Nayuta Audio recently debut their Linear Power Supply. Nayuta Audio offer three different models with 3, 4 and 5 power outlets in the flagship LPS.

Each choke uses shielding cover for prevent hum, and electric noise. Model 3 LPS has Nichicon, ELNA Electrolytic capacitors for fast power delivery to devices.

Nayuta flagship LPS has many innovative technologies like:

1. All parts are floating on their specific screws. This prevents unwanted vibrations.

2. Nayuta flagship LPS uses by electric Fuse. This fuse is very precise and fast, so is can protect LPS and connected devices. It cannot be destroyed, so when LPS is recovered, this fuse works again instantly. Unlike general audio grade fuses, Electric Fuse is never burned.  

3. Nayuta Flagship LPS’ each rail is composed by two chokes and one regulator. These allows Nayuta Flagship LPS to keep exact voltage and current. Nayuta Flagship LPS is the fastest and exactest power supply.

4. Nayuta Flagship LPS implements Munforf Silver Gold Oil 0.47mF capacitors for high precision regulators for increased sound quality. Additional sound increase is achieved with the film capacitors.

3 Rails : 3,900 euro
4 rails : 4,850 euro
5 Rails : 5,840 euro

(Include shipping fee)