The AEROFON essence is the congenial result of more than 40 years of fundamental research in the design and manufacture of full range drivers and horn enclosures. With AER, Filip Keller is one of the leading international manufacturers of full range loudspeakers - whilst Markus Boldyreff develops innovative horn cabinets. Both are united - always moving towards the limit of what is feasible - by searching for the optimum sound.

The AEROFON essence with the exceptional Drive-unit AER BD 5, masterfully built like an musical instrument, combined with a perfectly tuned horn cabinet.

Despite its compact design, the unique transduction distributes the sound optimally in the room and at the same time produces a powerful bass fundament - whilst the AER BD 5 fascinates with its natural sound and brilliance.

The AEROFON essence - a sound that lets you experience the soul of music more directly than ever before.

AEROPHON EXPERIENZ     (W 54 cm x D 60cm x H 190 cm) 

These are the big ones (as per picture ) and two variants are available: 

Basic with BD-E drivers, which are budget optimized drivers for this design: RRP 40k€ and Full Monty with the latest edition of BD-5 drivers, with revolutionary new suspension developed specially to complete that wave guide here: RRP 85k€

And the smaller sister to fit into even smaller spaces, but with no compromise approach and exactly the same driver's used. It looses 3Hz on the bottom comparing to the big once
and that's it. So FQ range starts at 38Hz with the "little". 

AEROPHON ESSENZ           (W 34 cm x D 41cm x H 151 cm)

BD-5 version:   RRP 70k€
BD - E version: RRP 25k€

Upgrade from E- to BD5 is available any time for both models and it costs simply covers the price difference between both drivers : RRP 50k€

Price per pair.