Audio Research to Reveal New Products For 50th Anniversary

Audio Research writes: “What party tricks does Audio Research have up its sleeve for 2020? Throughout the year ARC will release an impressive number of new products to commemorate its 50th year in business. Two components celebrating this momentous occasion are already available: the new Reference 6SE vacuum tube pre-amplifier and Reference 750 SEL tube amplifier. Primarily the result of improved capacitor and wire technology breakthroughs, the astonishing clarity, PRaT, and time coherency of both of these components set a new standard in macro and micro detailing. Once you’ve heard these remarkable vacuum tube units, it’s obvious that ‘fine-tuning’ can yield a previously unheard spatial resolution, an unmatched detailing of elusive sonic cues, and, in the aggregate, a shiver-inducing level of sound quality.”

“But these two components are just the tip of the sonic iceberg. This year ARC will also introduce a new series of components and custom finishes of existing components, allowed by its modern manufacturing facility, opened in August of 2018. And if all this wasn’t enough, ARC is also working on a small but impressive project called “Making the Music Glow” as 2020 closes one chapter of the company’s story and begins a new one.

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