New Clearaudio GROOV CARE - Record cleaning fluid

Clearaudio writes: “Careful vinyl care = optimal sound performance. If you're striving for optimal sound reproduction, then it’s important to keep your vinyl records in optimal condition. Clearaudio’s range of record cleaning machines go the extra mile in caring for your precious music collection. To help them deliver the ultimate in gentle-yet-thorough cleaning performance, our team has developed the highly effective Groove Care record cleaning fluid.”

“Groove Care’s extensively tested formula leaves your records free of any unwanted residues, whether they be dust, grease or dried-on liquids.

Bear in mind that it’s not just second-hand records that need a good clean: brand new records come with unwanted residues too, from the chemical release agents used in producing new records. But these effortlessly disappear from even the deepest areas of the record groove with the help of Groove Care.

You will hear the result in your music quite clearly, whether or not you consider yourself as having ‘audiophile ears’. 

Once a record has been cleaned, the resulting increase in detail makes every record sound fuller, richer and more dynamic. Complex sound images become more vivid, and your precious vinyl gets its shine back.

Groove Care’s formula meets all international shipping requirements, and can be used in combination with record cleaning machines from any manufacturer.”