New Duelund JDM Capacitor!

Frederik Carøe from Duelund Coherent Audio shares the news about the all new Duelund JDM Capacitor... "Since the Corona virus has changed the situation considerably regarding our recent factory setup timeline – we’ve decided to open a little window into the going-ons chez Duelund. After setup, we will have two major lines. The CAST line and the new JDM line. Unofficially, JDM is short for Jensen Domestic Market, an homage to the 100 year production legacy in Denmark that Jensen Capacitors stood for. The capacitor will be available in several pure metal foils and dielectrica, to cover pretty much all audio bases – be it for loudspeaker or electronics. Standard sizes will be 0.001uF – 100uF, voltages low level to 600vDc. Special specifications available on request."

"With the JDM, our aim is to offer the ultra high material quality Duelund is known for, while leveraging the production power, we have available to us through the acquisition of Jensen’s production line. The net effect is, that we will offer a fully Danish made pure metal foil “wet” capacitor with premium materials sourced from Germany and Switzerland - at pricing we have never been able to before.

As an example, the price for a Duelund JDM Pure Copper Foil 630v oil/wax deep vacuum impregnated capacitor currently starts at USD 19.95 @Parts Connexion link (scroll down). Deliveries (Corona wiling) should start over the summer."

Bonus pic of the Duelund impregnation facility currently testing