New Triangle Art L-200 Reference tube preamplifier

New Triangle Art L-200 Reference Tube Two Chassis Preamplifier. "The preamplifier is the two chassis version of our reference  preamplifier featuring an external power supply further guarantees interference-free performance. The L-200 Reference Tube is specially designed for pure high-end audiophiles who want nothing but the best. With the use of highest quality parts and components, the L-200 Reference is simply The best preamplifier that we have ever built."

Design Features:

-Low noise tube line stage featuring (1) 6SN7 vacuum tubes.
-Rectifier with Custom filtering.
-Custom Toriod power transformers.
-Swiss made ELMA selector switches with gold-plated contacts.
-Mundorf capacitor, Vishay capacitor and high quality resistors.
-2 pair of balanced and three pairs of single-ended inputs and one pair of balanced and two pairs of Single-ended outputs are installed for ease of connectivity.