ramar record brush has arrived

Beautiful ramar hand made record brush just arrived from Germany. Of course, I couldn't keep my enthusiasm bottled and wanted to see and get a feeling this German high-end audio analog accessory as soon as possible. This beautifully carved brush screamed quality with each new unfolding of the package. From bi-color card box packaging, clever and stylish paper leaflet, to the selection of materials. In the wooden box, under the main brush, there is the additional, smaller cartridge's needle brush that is magnetically locked to the metal bottom surface. Neat! 

The ramar brush is made from a single block of wood with rows of goat hair and carbon fiber brushes. I really like how well the cleaning part is seamlessly inserted in a dedicated high-quality metal lower part of the brush. The brush is not cheap, but it shows on every turn where the money went into and how much effort Rangel Vasev has put into the initial design.

I'll write up more in due time, but I'm more than impressed! For the first product, the execution is stellar and exemplary. The goat hair and carbon fiber seem to be of premium quality and the initial experience is highly promising. But, stay tuned for more in due time and as always, below is the initial photo set.