Rockport Technologies Series 6000 Tonearm

Next up in the history of Rockport Technologies products is the Series 6000 Tonearm: essentially a mirror imaged version of the tonearm found on the original Capella Phonograph (also debuting in 1994), which made it possible to mount it on other manufacturer’s phonographs.  Like all Rockport Technologies tonearms, it featured an ultra-high precision (sub-micron machining tolerances) critically damped groove compensated air bearing. In contrast to other air bearing tonearms of its day, it utilized high-pressure in conjunction with a patented flow characteristic that resulted in a bearing with extremely high central stiffness, low-flow, and intrinsically stable behavior, as well as zero friction. The tonearm tube was a constrained layer damped carbon fiber sandwich composite, and all aspects of the tonearm’s geometry were fully adjustable.