Very Fine Solutions - Music Unites

More photos and info about the Music Unites event organized by Very Fine Solutions...  Big system: Ilumnia Magister speakers with MSB Select Pro USB and Pro ISL module going into Thrax Teres monoblocks. Cables Synergistic Research Atmosphere Excite. Sources: Pink Faun 2.16 server with Roon. MSB Reference transport including power supply. Acoustic treatment by Artnovion. Small system: Ilumnia Vocalis with the Thrax Ares and Thrax Yatrus. Air Tight PC 1 cartridge.

The art expo combined with demonstrations of the systems is continuing until the end of March. Artist in residence is Brigitte Vanzonhoven showing her upcycling art that has his roots in the computer age of the ’80s. Photos by Arthur Vermeylen.