Western Electric 300B tube update

The first successful tube manufactured at the Rossville Works from start to finish. (Late 2019)

Fresh news from Western Electric... Shortly after the last update, Western Electric’s Rossville Works team successfully tested a series of newly manufactured 300B electron tube units. "Following Western Electric standards and Bell System practices, each unit survived an eight-hour aging and stressing period and was then transitioned to the testing station to measure performance. We welcomed the much anticipated “GOOD TUBE” reports in style with a champagne toast on the factory floor!"

"Since then, quality assurance has remained our top priority. Before accepting any tubes for shipment and end use, they must first be proven good or “eligible” in repeatable, batch quantities. If one tube in a batch is ineligible, so is each of its mates. This non-negotiable step in the manufacturing process has always represented, and will continue to represent, the preeminence of quality at Western Electric. When success yields rise above 90%, deliveries to all pre-order customers and distributors will begin immediately."